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Beatriz Gonzalez

Beatriz Gonzalez


  • Golden opportunity to visit Shams 1 and Masdar City in May

    CSP Today, PV Insider and Masdar are pleased to announce that delegates at MENASOL 2012 (16-17 May, Abu Dhabi) will have the unique opportunity to visit the CSP plant Shams 1 & Masdar City’s 10MW PV Plant.

  • CSP experts share their outlook on the state of the industry in 2012

    Towards the end of last year the CSP sector in the U.S. saw more projects move towards construction.

  • CSP is alive and well in America!

    The formation of the CSP Alliance is a positive sign for the growth of the industry in the US. This exciting chapter in CSP’s evolution demonstrates how the industry will work together to communicate CSP’s competitive value to win a greater stake in the US energy mix.

  • Novatec Solar appoints Dr. Christoph Wolff as Chief Executive Officer

    Karlsruhe, March 12th, 2012 The Chairman of Novatec Solar’s Shareholder Committee, Guido Belgiorno-Nettis has announced the appointment of Dr. Christoph Wolff as Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer effective 5th March 2012.

  • Differentiating CSP fact from fiction

    The CSP industry has come out to publically change the perception of the technology. The most damaging headlines will be tackled head on by CSP stakeholders. Today’s facts, figures and forecasts will be presented to demonstrate how the industry is going from strength to strength in 2012

  • UAE Ministry of Energy in attendance at MENASOL 2012

    The future of CSP & PV developments in the UAE will be discussed by key senior level government officials at MENASOL 2012

  • CSP industry meets in Madrid to talk about optimisation

    Madrid is ready to hold the only techno-economic event focused in CSP; the 2nd CSP Optimisation Summit, 5-6 June, with more than 150 solar thermal experts set to attend.

  • Ripasso Energy introduces high efficient CSP technology

    Ripasso Energy introduces a highly efficient and modular concept for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) with parabolic dish and Stirling Power Converter (SPC). Ripasso Energy will participate at MENASOL 2012 (16-17 May in Abu Dhabi)

  • Optimising CSP to secure the future of the industry

    Drastic cuts in subsidies have made it more important than ever to maximise the output from CSP plants. The optimisation of the existing and future plants from scratch is at the top of the agenda for CSP companies this year

  • The optimal drive for parabolic troughs

    The development of hydraulic drives for parabolic troughs in solar thermal power plants continues. A number of optimization options still remain for individually adapting drives to plants.